Reviews for Jonas Salk

“science writing at its best”
The New York Times
“remarkable, warts-and-all biography”
The Wall Street Journal
“weaves together intimate and historical details”
The Economist
“With an unerring sense of pace…Jacobs relates the story of this complex man”
Chicago Tribune
“an empathetic, richly detailed new biography”
The San Diego Union Tribune
“riveting story … enthralling”
The Columbus Dispatch
“A Lively Biography of Jonas Salk”
The Washington Post
“An extraordinarily rich biography of the doctor Americans adored and all but regarded as a saint.”
Kirkus Reviews
“Tragic Success: The Surprising Fallout from Jonas Salk’s Polio Vaccine”
“Vaccines Have Always Been Controversial in America”
“Jonas Salk, the Knight in the White Lab Coat”
History News Network